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"Stimulate your mind, not your nerves"

Kataluma Chai 14500 W. Colfax Ave. #545 Lakewood, CO 80401

Update: At this time Kataluma Chai is focusing our efforts on clean up and restoration after the hail storm on May 8th. We are extremely grateful to be a part of the Lakewood community and hope that we can get back to serving our customers as quickly as possible. We plan to stay in the Colorado Mills Mall and re-open when the shopping center is ready. We cannot thank you enough for your support and patience. You can still purchase our chai online at www.katalumachai.com

Hello from Kataluma Chai! We are a small business located in the foothills of the great Colorado Rocky Mountains. Kataluma Chai's Chai Latte Mixes can be served hot or cold. While you've probably seen a few different flavors of chai, you will seldom find as many flavors of chai as we offer. We are located inside the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood, Colorado at space #545.

Come in and enjoy your favorite Kataluma Chai flavor fixed any way you would like it or browse our online store and have our chai latte mixes or coffee delivered straight to your home.